Hi dear guests,

Let me introduce myself, I am Manjit, owner of restaurant Sunand. Being raised in an Indian family from Essex, London, I always wanted to start my own Anglo Indian Restaurant. Destiny brought me to Noordwijk and in 2012 I decided to live my dream and set up Sunand. The name Sunand means happiness and joy to me as it is a combination of the names of my two boys, Sundeep and Anand.

At Sunand we serve dishes from North and South India and we always serve our dishes as fresh as possible. Our Indian chef mr. Singh will take you on a great journey through colorful and culinary India.

I would like to contribute this to my mother who taught me the value of all the Indian spices while growing up and to my children and husband, who all have been supporting me in building Sunand. And of course a great thank you to all our guests who made it possible to build our succes!

Hope to see you soon!

Manjit Kharpal

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